Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So what ARE your questions?

Hello Friends!  We've been having some really interesting discussions in the "real world" on Sunday mornings about this book.  A few folks have said, that the questions addressed in this book aren't really their questions.  Totally fair!

The overall question this book seems to be addressing, in my opinion is one of theodicy:  where is God in suffering? Why does God allow suffering?  The ol' "why do bad things happen to good people?'

And some folks feel like they have put that question to rest in their worldview.  I'm not saying that some folks have found THE answer!  I'm just saying that some folks either have just quit wrestling with that particular family of questions, or they have made peace with not having an answer that works in every situation.

 In my own life I can be fairly comforted by the notion that God is IN the suffering....especially when we're talking about something somewhat removed from me (disaster in another city or town).  I'm not sure I'll be comforted by that if something happens  to my beloved husband!

So...what are YOUR questions?  What's the "least" you can believe and still consider yourself a Christian?

Peace!  Rhoda

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