Thursday, June 27, 2013

Post from Conrad

Hey Friends!  The following was written by a wonderful woman at St. Thomas named Conrad.  For some reason I couldn't get her post uploaded to the comment section.  But I wanted you all to read it.  I really like her thoughts about staying thankful ALL the time for the many daily blessings, in part, so that the days when things don't seem so "blessed" you have some reserve upon which to draw!

I find throughout the day, I forget to be thankful for my many blessings.

When sufferings happen in my life or deeply within others, it feels like a sucker punch, and I pause to remember to breathe and then I pray.

The sucker punch reference is that you see it coming and you concede that there isnt anything to be done because no matter what there will be impact.

I think sometimes we forget that God is not just in our anger or our sadness from suffering.

He envelopes our all, within the limitless heavens to the corners of quartz, to the embrace we believe as air.

Translation: Breakdown of the imagery from The Footprints poem

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