Thursday, May 30, 2013

Away we go!  (Sorry, Oprah!  I'm going to borrow the phrase you use in your Magazine!)

I hope this book will spark some great conversation and thinking.  So...let's begin.

Have YOU ever felt the way "Danny" describes feeling at the beginning of the book?  Turned off not so much by Christianity, but by the way it is "packaged?"


  1. Books available THIS Sunday...can't wait!

  2. Started reading while lying in bed sick this morning. Eager to hear what others think. Is there a "syllabus" or reading schedule you all could post?

  3. Sorry we ran out of books! Nice problem to have, I suppose! IF you need help getting a book let me know, otherwise you can find them on Amazon. Sunday June 9th we'll look more closely at Chapter 1 and 2. Peace.